Take a free trail for your restaurant….


Food flavor the ability to search the restaurant and the main feature in the food flavor is nearby search in this we will facilitate directions reviews  of  the restaurant and ratings to find the right  service near you. We will also provide the opening and closing time of the restaurant. Food flavor becomes one of the better restaurant apps around., as the App will only show places. and also ability to see the location with the help of Gps based feature. Our APP already has your contact  information but it also has a Click to Call feature
What’s new in food flavor
•           Easy in Search the restaurant
•           Gps Direction
•           Click to call
•           Map view
•           With the help of Social media you can access the app
•           This shows the Nearby search this is the unique feature in our app.
Registration process (free)
We recommend registering your information in the App
The registration process includes just a few simple steps:
1.Enter the name of the restaurant.
2.upload the image of the restaurant.
3.Enter the name of the restaurant location.
4.Enter the contact number
5.Enter opening hour of the restaurant
6. Enter closing  hour of the restaurant
7.Enter your website name(if any).

Then Tab on done button ….

For registration got to this link:

For complete detail kindly visit this
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