ReactiveX Web and Mobile Application Development Company in India (RxJS)


Reactive Application Development Company in India (RxJS)

ReactiveX Web and Mobile Application Development Company in India (RxJS) by

Reactive Application Development

Reactive Application Development

Why to use ReactiveX (RxJS) ?

One question you may ask yourself, is why RxJS? What about Promises? Promises are good for solving asynchronous operations such as querying a service with an XMLHttpRequest, where the expected behavior is one value and then completion. The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript unifies both the world of Promises, callbacks as well as evented data such as DOM Input, Web Workers, Web Sockets. Once we have unified these concepts, this enables rich composition.

What is ReactiveX ?

ReactiveX is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences.

It extends the observer pattern to support sequences of data and/or events and adds operators that allow you to compose sequences together declaratively while abstracting away concerns about things like low-level threading, synchronization, thread-safety, concurrent data structures, and non-blocking I/O.

It is sometimes called “functional reactive programming” but this is a misnomer. ReactiveX may be functional, and it may be reactive, but “functional reactive programming” is a different animal. One main point of difference is that functional reactive programming operates on values that change continuously over time, while ReactiveX operates on discrete values that are emitted over time.

Why Use Observables?

The ReactiveX Observable model allows you to treat streams of asynchronous events with the same sort of simple, composable operations that you use for collections of data items like arrays. It frees you from tangled webs of callbacks, and thereby makes your code more readable and less prone to bugs.

///Declare an observable
public ISubject<MouseEventArgs> MouseMove;
///Publish data
///Subscribe to an observable
MouseMove.Subscribe(args => Display(args));

What all apps can be benefitials using RxJS ?

  1. Stock quote
  2. Tweets
  3. Computer events
  4. Video Streaming apps
  5. Live feeds/News apps
  6. Geo-location tracking
  7. Web service requests, etc.

Reactive Programming

ReactiveX provides a collection of operators with which you can filter, select, transform, combine, and compose Observables. This allows for efficient execution and composition.

You can think of the Observable class as a “push” equivalent to Iterable, which is a “pull.” With an Iterable, the consumer pulls values from the producer and the thread blocks until those values arrive. By contrast, with an Observable the producer pushes values to the consumer whenever values are available. This approach is more flexible, because values can arrive synchronously or asynchronously.

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Reactive Application Development

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